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Data and analytics

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Learning analytics

Transform your data into meaningful insights.
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Applications and data

Bespoke solutions to simplify and streamline your workflows.
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Artifical intelligence

Harness the power of AI to learn more from your data.
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Change management

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Cyber risk

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ICT strategy

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Managed services

Discover why more organisations are benefiting from managed services.

ICT managed services

We can manage all aspects of your ICT operations - from day-to-day tasks to long-term strategy.
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Managed data and analytics

Need some help with your data? Let us manage your systems and data for you.
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Escalation and remote support

Sometimes you just need a sounding board, or somebody to escalate a problem to. We're here to help.
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Our people

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Our values

Learn about the values that drive the people at RTG.
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Current vacancies

If you're looking for the next step in your career, RTG might have the perfect role for you.

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ICT Strategy & Roadmaps

Collaboration & Facilitation.


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ICT Strategy - Featured Blogs

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